F01 [Poetry]  
"Elegy for Meyer Levin." Freiheit [New York]  24 (13 Feb. 1945): [n. pag.]  A review of TGNS by Ber Green containing his translation into Yiddish of an excerpt from the poem.
F02 [Essay]
"My Father." Freiheit [New York]  26 (7 Mar. 1947): [n. pag.]  Translation into Yiddish by Ber Green of Kramer's memorial essay.  Never reprinted.
F03 [Poetry]
"My Neighbors." Greek-American Tribune [New York] 30 Apr. 1948: [n. pag.]  Translation into Greek by Demetrios Valakos along with his review of TG.  English text in TG.
F04 [Poetry]
Untitled. Freiheit [New York]  27 (25 May 1948): [n. pag.]  Translation into Yiddish by Isaac E. Ronch of "Songs in Memory of My Father: I" (first and last stanzas into poetry, the second stanza into prose) and "Massacre" in a condensed rendering.  Included in a review of TG.  English texts in TG.
F05 [Poetry]
"Song of the Palmach." O Reflexo [Sao Paulo] August 1949: 7.  Translation into Portuguese of Kramer's translation from the Hebrew, titled "Cancao da Palmach."  Credited to Jacob Guinsberg; no credit given to Kramer.
F06 [Poetry]
"A Battle Song" and "My Vow," by Morris Winchevsky. O Reflexo [Sao Paulo] June 1950: 9, 16.  Translation into Portuguese of Kramer's translations from the Yiddish, titled "Um Canto da Luta" (9) and "Meu Juramento" (16).  Includes translation of Kramer's biographical sketch of Winchevsky.  All originally published in Jewish Life (May 1950).  Credited to Jacob Guinsberg; no credit given to Kramer.  A note published the following month, (O Reflexo, July 1950, p.5), admits the ascription to editor Guinsberg has been undeserved, but Kramer remains unmentioned, allowing the reader to assume that the series was conceived and written by Paula Beiguelman.  English text of "My Vow" in M.
F07 [Poetry]
"Poetas Proletarios Judeus: III, David Edelshtad." O Reflexo [Sao Paulo] Aug. 1950: 9.  Translation into Portuguese of Kramer's translations from the Yiddish.  Includes lines from several poems, paragraphs of general comment, and much biographical material.  All originally written or translated by Kramer and published in Jewish Life (July 1950).  Credited to Paula Beiguelman; no credit given to Kramer.
F08 [Poetry]
"To Sing Or To Damn" and "From My Album." by Joseph Bovshover. Hoy [Buenos Aires] 7 Sep. 1950: 4.  Translation into Spanish by "J.F." of Kramer's translations from the Yiddish.  The translator misunderstood the headings of the two poems and combined them into one poem listed as "Ca tar a Maldecir."  Includes Kramer's essay on Bovshover.  From Jewish Life (August 1950).  English texts in M, "To Sing Or To Damn" titled "To Sing Or To Curse."
F09 [Letter]
Untitled. Yiddishe Kultur [New York] 14 (Mar. 1951): 48.  Translation into Yiddish by Nachman Meisel of a letter from Kramer, dated 13 Feb. 1951, explaining how he created two poems in Yiddish published with the letter as "Tsvei Lider."  Never reprinted.
F10 [Poetry]
"Denmark Vesey." Freiheit [New York] 31 (3 Aug. 1952): 9-10.  Translation into Yiddish by I.B. Bailin of two sections of "Denmark Vesey": "Plantation Song" and "Whisper the Word."  Also includes an excerpt from a third section, "Vesey Speaks to the Congregation."  Incorporated in his review of DV.  Note: a translated excerpt from "A Meeting at Vesey's" appeared as the motto for Bailin's essay on the Vesey Uprising (Freiheit28 Feb. 1953).
F11 [Poem]
"Cat and Mouse." L'Unita [Rome]  6 Nov. 1956: 3.  Translation into Italian by S. Piccinato, titled "Gatto e topo."  Includes brief biographical sketch of Kramer.  From "The Minotaur," English text in RFD and BB.
F12 [Poetry]
"Madhouse." Meezan Weekly  [Karachi?] [n.d.] (1958): 12.  Translation into Urdu by Zainul Abedin.  English text in TW.
F13 [Poetry]
"Three Poems." Afkar [Karachi] 14.82 (1959): 75.  Translation into Urdu by Zainul Abedin of "See America First Advertisements" (English text in TG) and "Patriotism" (English text in RFD).  Translation of Kramer's translation from the Yiddish of Morris Winchevsky's "Three Sisters" in DV and M.
F14 [Poetry]
 Unpublished.  [1961].  Translation into German by Mimi Grossberg of five poems: two versions of "Gray Bird" as "Der Graue Vogel" and "Cablegram" as "Notruf" (English texts in RH), "Night of Rain," "Love and Magic," and "Death Street" as "Regennacht," "Liebe und Zauberei," and "Todesstrasse" (English texts in TC).  A third version of "Gray Bird" exists as "Grauvogel" as well as a second version of "Cablegram" in which line 6 is changed.  Manuscript in the Fales Collection.  English text in BB.  For a later printing, see F43.
F15 [Poetry]
Unpublished.  [1968]  Translation into Czech by Jan Pribramski of seven poems:  "Prolog," "Newscast," "Message for Major Kassler," "Considering My Country," "Loyalty March," "Prayer after the Second Thunderclap," and "Lullaby."  From HG.  Manuscript in Fales Collection. 
F16 [Poetry]
"Song of Prometheus" and "Peekskill." Zo Haderekh [Tel Aviv] (3 May 1976): 12.  Translation into Hebrew by Walter Barzelay.  Final four stanzas of "Peekskill."  Includes explanatory notes and a brief biography of Kramer.  English text of "Peekskill" in TW.
F17 [Poetry]
"For Peretz Markish and Itzik Feffer." Yiddishe Kultur [New York] 40 (Feb. 1977): 20.  Translation into Yiddish by Isaac E. Ronch.  English text in BB.
F18 [Poetry]  "A Song For Singers." Freiheit [New York] 56 (29 May 1977): 10.  Translation into Yiddish by Chaim Schwartz.  English text in RFD.
F19 [Poetry]
"Antonio Maceo," by Morris Rosenfeld. Revolucion y Cultura [Havana] Fall 1977: 87.  Translation into Spanish by Roberto Retamar of Kramer's translation from the Yiddish. Omits stanzas 3, 5, and 6. Titled "Maceo."
F20 [Poetry]
"Antonio Maceo," by Morris Rosenfeld. Casas de las Americas [Havana] 18.105 (Nov./Dec. 1977): 61-63.  Translation into Spanish by Roberto and Signora Retamar of Kramer's translation from the Yiddish. A revised and expanded version of F19. Titled "Antonio Maceo: el heroe Cubano."
F21 [Poetry]
"The Dance." [unpublished].  [1979]. Translation into Hebrew by Walter Barzelay.  Nineteen Quatrains.  Manuscript in Fales Collection.  English text in BB.
F22 [Poetry]
Moses: an Oratorio. Translation into Yiddish by Chaim Schwartz as Moishe, der Bafraier. Translated by Schwartz into singable Yiddish for a Los Angeles premiere of Waldmar Hille's oratorio,  20 May 1979.  See I
F23 [Poetry]
[Three Poems] Translation into Yiddish by Isaac E. Ronch.  Freiheit 3 May 1981: 3. Includes "Uncle," "Bella," and "Two Visits."  In CP.
F24 [Poetry]
"Nine Poems." [unpublished].  1982.  Translations into Yiddish by M.(Maurice) Kish.  Included are: a section from "The Tinderbox" beginning at line "My heart is willed to Beauty" as "Das Tsund-Kestel" (English text in RFD), "Premonitions" as "Fohrois Vohrnung," "Sunset" as "Zunforgang," "Mr. Glicklich Takes a Shower" as "Mister Gliklich nemt zich a dush,"  "Zudioska,"  "Foreboding" as "Fohrgefil," "Coney Island" as "Coney Island," "Malaga: Prayer" as "Malaga: a tfilleh," and "After the Poetry Reading" as "Noch a Poezie Fohrleyenen" (English texts in CP).  Manuscript in the Fales Collection.
F25 [Poetry]
"On the Way to Palermo," Trapani Nuova [Sicily] 11 Feb. 1982: 3. Translation into Italian by Nat Scammacca, titled "da: Sulla strada per Palermo." Twenty lines from section 7 only. English text in WP.
F26 [Poetry]
"To Himself." [unpublished]. April 1982. Translation into Japanese by Sachie Kimoto, titled "Karejishin' Ni."  Manuscript in the Fales Collection. English text in RH.
F27 [Poetry]
"The Tour." Die Gemeinde [Vienna]  8 Sep. 1982: 52. Translation into German by Mimi Grossberg, titled "Die Namenwände." English text in G, WP, and BB. This translation, along with six others, appears in F43.
F28 [Poetry]
"Cablegram." Trapani Nuova [Sicily] 30 June 1983: 3. Translation into Italian by Enzo Bonaventre, titled "Aaron Kramer." Excerpt includes last three lines of the sonnet. English text in RH.
F29 [Poetry]
Unter Yankele's Vigele. Tel Aviv, 1983. Three translations into Hebrew of Yriel Ofek: "Miriam's Lullaby" (223-27) from M, and Kramer's translation from Yiddish of Benjamin Katz's "Cradle Song" (190-92) and L. Gurelik's "Lullaby" (229-35). Includes Kramer's original English lyrics.
F30 [Poetry]
"Uncle." [unpublished] Translated into Yiddish as "Fetter" by Bejamin Katz.  From CP.
F31 [Poetry]
"On the Way to Palermo." In Sicilia Ed Altri Luoghi Poesia  Merrick, NY: Cross-Cultural Communications, 1984: [n.pag.]  Translation into Italian by Nat Scammacca.  Section 7 only.  English text in WP.
F32 [Poetry]
"Air for Bagpipe." Trapani Nuova [Sicily] 27 Sep. 1984: 3. Translation into Italian by Enzo Bonaventre, titled "Aria per cornamusa." English text in WP.
F33 [Poetry]
"Irish Lullaby." Trapani Nuova [Sicily] 6 Dec. 1984: 3. Translation into Italian by Enzo Bonaventre, titled "Ninnananna irlandese." English text in WP.
F34 [Poetry]
[five poems]  Cavilok  [Ahmedabad, India]  c1985.  [n.pag.]  Translation into Gujurati by Geeta Parikh of "Midsummer," "Nocturne," "Snow Song," "Map of the City," and "At the Railing." From RH.  Translations based on a mis-heard cassette.  All five poems with substantial errors in English and the translations follow the errors.  For example: "Nocturne" is mistitled "Not-Turning."
F35 [Poetry]
"Efharisto."  [unpublished]  [1985]. Translation into Greek by Harry Ghitakos, titled "Hellas." Ghitakos was then assistant to the Minister of Cultural Affairs, Melina Mercouri.
F36 [Poetry]
 Untitled.  [unpublished]  [1985].  Translations into Greek by Flora Zeipekkis of seven poems. Included are "Efstratia Nikolaidou" in DV, "The Rebels of Greece" in RFD, "For Melina Mercouri" in WP, "Nafplion" in CP, "Delphi: Slide 62" in CP, "Thessaloniki: Three Sleeps" in CP, and "Athens: Through Wide Open Shutters" in CP.  The above and the poem in F35 were read by Kramer in English and by a Greek actress in Greek at the public opening of the Mediterranean Institute in Athens that year.
F37 [Poetry]
"Epitaph." Trapani Nuova [Sicily] 15 Feb. 1985: 3. Translation into Italian by Enzo Bonaventre, untitled. English text in RH.
F38 [Poetry] 
"At the Sink." Trapani Nuova [Sicily] 22 Feb. 1985: 3. Translation into Italian by Enzo Bonaventre, titled "A lavatorio." English text in RH.
F39 [Poetry]
"At the Railing." Trapani Nuova [Sicily] 4 Oct. 1985: 3. Translation into Italian by Enzo Bonaventre, titled "Alla ringhiera." English text in RH.
F40 [Poetry]
"Lesson." Trapani Nuova [Sicily] 22 Nov. 1985: 3. Translation into Italian by Enzo Bonaventre, titled "Lezione."  English text in RH.
F41 [Poetry]
"Depression." Trapani Nuova [Sicily] 13 Dec. 1985: [n.pag.] Translation into Italian, titled "Crisi." Translator not identified. English text in WP.
F42 [Poetry]
Untitled. [unpublished]  [1985/86].  Translation into Chinese by Xiangmin Zhou of eleven poems. Translations include: "The Ballad of Two Heroes" in AF, "Thanksgiving Day" in CP, "Breakfast" in CP, "Depression" in WP, "The Doll" in WP, "The Dam," "Dirge" in HG and WP, "Dirge for the Movie `Queen of China'" in TGR, "Tree" in IS, "Words" in IS, and "Dawn" in GT.
F43 [Poetry]
Grossberg, Mimi. The Road To America: Mimi Grossberg, Her Times and Her Emigration. New York: Austrian Institute, 1986.  Translations into German by Mimi Grossberg.  Includes the following: (7) "To the Masterfingers of Dusseldorf" as "Klage der Professoren der Universität Düsseldorf." German and English. English text in G. (45)  "Night of Rain" as "Regennacht."  English text in TC and BB. (46-47) "Graybird" as "Grauvogel" and "Cablegram" as "Notruf." German and English. English text in RH, "Graybird" also in BB. (48-54)  Ghosts as Gespenster. Includes "Night At the Concertgebouw," "Tour," and "Zudioska" as "Abend im Concertgebouw," "Tour," and "Zudioska."  English text in G and BB.
F44 [Poetry]
Schwartz, Chaim.  Poems: Translated From Yiddish.  Los Angeles: Westland, 1986.  Translations into Yiddish by Chaim Schwartz.  Includes on 143-44 "A Song for Singers" as "A Gezang far Zinger."
F45 [Letter]
"Vegn Moishe Leib Halpern (A Briv un A Lid)," Yiddishe Kulture 48 (Feb. 1986): 22-23. Translation into Yiddish by Itche Goldberg, editor of Yiddishe Kultur, of a Kramer letter giving the background of the creation of a poem Kramer wrote in Yiddish in 1969 entitled "Matones". Text of poem also included (23).
F46 [Poetry]
"At Night." Trapani Nuova [Sicily] 31 Oct. 1986: 3. Translation into Italian by Enzo Bonaventre, titled "Di Notte."  English text in WP.
F47 [Essay] 
"An Interview With Ber Green." Yiddishe Kultur 49.3-4 (Mar./Apr. 1987): 44-47. Translation into Yiddish by Tevya Levin. An article by Kramer based on the transcript of his recorded 1982 interview, published here in honor of Green's 85th birthday. A few significant translation misinterpretations appear.
F48 [Memorial tribute]  
Message by Aaron Kramer.  Zo Hadezekh [Tel-Aviv] 7 Sep. 1988: [n. pag.] Translation into Hebrew of a memorial tribute to Walter Barzelay which had been read at Barzelay's funeral. Translation is anonymous, but may have been done by his widow, Rina.
F49 [Poetry]
"Cablegram."  Kuhnel, Jurgen, et al. Mittelalter-Rezeption III: Gesammelte Vortrage  Salzburg, Austria: Universität Salzburg, 1988: 755-56.  Translated into German by Mimi Grossberg as "Notruf."  English and German texts on the same page.  Includes explanatory note identifying both Kramer and Grossberg.
F50 [Poetry]
"Iz Geven Amol." The Forward  30 Nov. 1990: 12. Translation into Yiddish by Miram Shmulevitch-Hoffman. From BB.
F51 [Letter] 
Untitled. Yiddishe Kultur  54 (Jan./Feb. 1992): 60. Includes a poem, "Yohrn Tsurik," dreamt by Kramer in Yiddish during the night of 30 April 1991. Line seven omits the article "a" before "Mai."  Kramer's accompanying letter detailing the genesis of the poem is translated into Yiddish by the editor, Itche Goldberg.  See G . . .
F52 [Poetry]
Untitled. Auraq  [Lahore, Pakistan] Nov./Dec.1993: 96-108. Translations into Urdu by Adeeb Suhail. Suhail's essay about Kramer contains translations of six poems, including "Neruda in Hiding," "For Benjamin Maloise, Hanged in Pretoria Prison," "The Death of a Dog," "In the Parking Lot," "In the Fourtieth Presidency: Bhopal," and "The Doll." Also includes a letter from Kramer to Suhail in English on 107-08.
F53 [Poetry]
“Air for Bagpipe.”  L’Aurelia [Sicily] 46 (16 Nov. 1996): 20. Translated into Italian by Enzo Bonaventre, as “Aria per cornamusa.”  English text in WP.

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